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Dugout Memories presents the vintage Pacific Coast baseball caps by American Needle
Relive your pastime with the Statesman Collection ADJUSTABLE caps by American Needle for $34.95
Washed flannel 6 panel unstructured cap with a vintage LEATHER adjustable backstrap, appliquéd logo in
felt and cotton yarn, soft visor filler, team name embroidered on vintage faux leather sweat,
ivory tapes, green satin undervisor.. Featuring classis vintage years of the
Pacific Coast League and Federal Leagues teams of the 1930-1950's..

In the first half of the 20th century, the Pacific Coast League developed into one of the premier regional baseball leagues. The cities enfranchised by the other two high-minor leagues, the International League and the American Association, were generally interwoven geographically with the major leagues. Such was not the case with the PCL. With no major league baseball team existing west of St. Louis, the PCL was unrivaled as the vehicle for American west coast baseball. Although never recognized as a true major league, the quality of play was considered very high. Drawing from a strong pool of talent in the area, the PCL produced a number of outstanding players, including future major-league stars Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Tony Lazzeri, Paul Waner, Earl Averill, Bobby Doerr, and Ernie Lombardi
Seattle Rainers(PCL)

The Seattle Rainiers, originally named the Seattle Indians and also known as the Seattle Angels, were a minor league baseball team in Seattle, Washington, that played in the Pacific Coast League from 1903 to 1906 and 1919 to 1968 SOLD OUT
Seattle Rainers 1957

Wool flannel blend snapback version of vintage PCL's Seattle Rainers 1957, flat visor, lofted logo and dark green undervisor with CLOTH headband and stiff crown. $24.95
Seattle Rainers Seattle Rainers (PCL)

Chicago Whales (Federal)

They originally lacked a formal nickname, and were known simply as the "Chicago Federals" (or "Chi-Feds") to distinguish them from the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. $34.95
Chicago Whales 1915

Wool flannel blend snapback version of vintage Federal League Chicago Whales 1915, flat visor, lofted logo and dark green undervisor with CLOTH headband and stiff crown. $24.95
Chicago whales Chicago Whales (Federal)

Hollywood Stars 1950(PCL)
The original Stars, though supposedly representing Hollywood, actually played their home games as tenants of the Los Angeles Angels at Wrigley Field in South Los Angeles. $34.95
Hollywood Stars

Wool flannel blend snapback version of vintage PCL Hollywood Stars, flat visor, lofted logo and dark green undervisor with CLOTH headband and stiff crown. SOLD OUT <
Hollywood Stars Hollywood Stars

Portland Beavers (PCL)

With the exception of the 1929 season, Portland hosted a team named the Beavers from 1919 to 1972.In 1924, Philadelphia Athletics owners John Shibe and Tom Shibe purchased the team and the Vaughn Street Park and affiliated the Beavers with the Philadelphia Athletics. $34.95
Portland Beavers 1945 Portland Beavers 1945

New York Black Yankees (Negro)

The team was founded in Harlem as the Harlem Black Bombers in 1931 by financier James "Soldier Boy" Semler and dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson.The New York Black Yankees were a professional Negro league baseball team based in New York City, Paterson, NJ, and Rochester, NY which played in the Negro National League from 1936 to 1948. $34.95
NY Black Yankees NY Black Yankees

St. Louis Terriers 1914(Federal)

The St. Louis Terriers were a baseball club that played in the short-lived Federal League in 1914 and 1915. They played their home games at Handlan's Park. $34.95
St.. Louis Terriers St. Louis Terriers (Federal)

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