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Dugout Memories presents the New York Yankees 1922 cap by American Needle
The following table for fitting (e.g. size 7 1/4 for size 22 3/8" up to but not including 22 3/4")
head size21 1/4"21 5/8"22"22 3/8"22 3/4"23 1/8"23 1/2"23 7/8"
cap size6 7/8
7 1/87 1/47 3/87 1/27 5/87 3/4

1922 NY Yankees New York Yankees 1922-28
Short bill (2-1/4") -8 panel with vintage faux leather headband by American Needle. Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Babe Ruth 1914 Major League debut. $49.95
Sold OUt

COMC.com courtesy

babe ruth cap
Dugout Memories Inc. will be the only supplier of this American Needle brand 8-panel with leather headband (as close to the original cut and style of the 1922 season) You will notice the left image (courtesy of nj.com with story). Click Here> One of only 3 game worn baseball caps ever worn by Babe Ruth that was salvaged for auction. This one went for $250,000. NY David Wells sold his 1932 cap for $432,000 at auction. See his story below > David Wells story. A wonderful reproduction that you can wear or display. Any questions, call Glenn Gough at 318-355-0642.

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