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Baltimore Orioles 1901- 1983 caps and Cooperstown t-shirts
The Baltimore Orioles franchise moved from St. Louis after the 1953 after poor attendance and team records. St. Louis Browns and St. Louis Cardinals played in the 1944 World Series and played all the games at Sportsman's Park. Satchel Paige made his last stop with the Browns in 1953 and then went back to barnstorming. The Baltimore Orioles brought in championships with third baseman Brooks Robinson and manager Earl Weaver as the club was successful after their move....Baltimore Orioles and St.Louis Browns History pages

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American Needle $27.95 caps .. 80% acrylic/ 20% wool fabric
1901 Orioles Baltimore Orioles 1901
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The new Orioles were led by 1890's hero john McGraw, and would finish 4th.
1955 Orioles Baltimore Orioles 1955
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The Baltimore Orioles debut in 1954 with 54-100 record. $29.95
Orioles 1909 T-205 card #2
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1963 Orioles Baltimore Orioles 1963
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One year away from building a successful team. $29.95

1964-65 Orioles Baltimore Orioles 1964-65
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Wally Bunker won 19 games as a 19-year old in 1964. $29.95
Orioles 1955 Ray Moore
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1966-74 Orioles Baltimore Orioles 1966-74
World Champions of 1966 featuring Brooks Robinson.
1975 Orioles Baltimore Orioles 1975
Jim Palmer wins his 2nd AL's Cy Young in 1975 . $29.95
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