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Detroit Tigers 1901 - 1982 caps and Cooperstown t-shirts
The years were great in Detroit in the early 1900's as Ty Cobb iniated the record books that still stand to this day. Winning 9 straight hitting titles and with a hitting average of over .400 many seasons made him one of the greatest to ever play the game. The years were lean until the 1930's when Hank Greenberg and Charlie Gerhinger arrive and they win the World Series in 1945.Click here to learn more about Detroit Tigers history

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1901 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1901
Detroit fields one of the first inaugural American League teams in 1901.

1905 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1905
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Ty Cobb is brought up from the minors in 1905 to play..

Tigers 1909 T-205 #45
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1908 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1908
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TY Cobb wore this cap as he lead the Tigers to 3 consecutive WS.

1911 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1911
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Cobb lead the league in 1911 in all cats. (exc. HR)

Indians 1919 Triple folds
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1912 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1912
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Cobb once more broke .400 in route to his 6th of 9 titles.

1916 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1916
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Home games were played at Navin Fields.

Indians 1909 T-205 #36
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1918 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1918
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Wartime hits the leagues in 1918. $29.95

1930 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1930 Road
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Charlie Gerhinger" the Mechanical Man" was a hit.

Indians 1912 T-207 #9
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1934 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1934
Rookie Hank Greenberg arrives and give Tigers support.

1934 Tigers Detroit Tigers 1972
Al Kaline #6 was a solid hitter who could take it to fence. $29.95

Tigers 1912 T-207 #137
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