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Camden Yards Matinee by Thomas Kolendra
Camden Yards Matinee
Baltimore is sun-drenched. Memories of a wicked winter are beginning to fade. Baseball is back, and Camden Yards ó two years and three days old ó never looked better. Itís Saturday, April 9, 1994, and the Orioles are entertaining the red-clad Texas Rangers. As usual, the ballpark is packed. From your lofty perch on the third base side, you can see it all: the old Ohio Railroad warehouse in right and the city skyline in left. The sights and sounds and smells of spring are back!

Lithograph print measures 18" x 33"
Limited edition of #600
Signed and numbered by the artist

Baltimore Memorial Matinee by William Feldman
Baltimore Memorial Matinee
It's the summer of 1990, and you're drinking in a panoramic, foul pole to foul pole view from the lower deck directly behind home plate. The scene isn't designed to commemorate a specific moment, but rather represents a composite of reference photos taken by the artist on August 19, 1990. The stands are packed for a game between the Orioles and the Athletics, and that's Jose Canseco at bat and Mark McGwire on deck for Oakland. The uniquely rural flavor of now-abandoned Memorial Stadium is captured in the landscape beyond the wall in center field, where the familiar white homes are visible peeking through the trees. .

Lithograph print measures 15" x 36"
Limited edition of #600
Signed and numbered by the artist

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