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Comiskey Park Revisited by Robert Wieferich
New Comiskey Park
It's early evening on Chicago's South Side, and the old Comiskey Park is beginning to show the effects of a setting sun. Game time is still a couple of hours away and the ballpark is almost empty, except for a few ballplayers down on the field taking batting practice. Kind of eerie, isn't it? From your seat high in the upper deck on the first base side it's impossible to identify the players, but you have to wonder ... have you entered a time capsule of some sort? Is Joe Jackson down there? Or Buck Weaver? Or Eddie Collins?

Lithograph print measures 20" x 31"
Limited edition of #600
Signed and numbered by the artist
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New Comiskey Park by William Feldman
New Comiskey Park
It's early in the 1991 season, and you're taking in your first game at the new Comiskey Park on the South Side of Chicago. Your seat in the lower deck, slightly up the third base line from home plate, provides a breathtaking, foul pole to foul pole view of the brand new ballyard. Sure, you miss the old Comiskey. But you get the feeling that Shoeless Joe and his buddies didn't mind moving across the street one bit!

Lithograph print measures 14" x 36"
Limited edition of #600
Signed and numbered by the artist

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