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Glenn, Candy and August Gough reside in the state of Louisiana, where the bayous intersect the cultures of cajun, creole and the sportsman's paradise.

My initial project started in 1993 and I retired from the Hospital Pharmacy practice in 1998 after 20 years. I am President of Dugout Memories Inc. along with free-lance (internet) webmaster responsibities. Candy is a first grade school teacher, free lance (internet) writer's critic, active in community affairs and my best friend and wife. August will be entering the sixth grade this year with high hopes of surviving the sports seasons. We reside in the beautiful city of Monroe, Louisiana. We opened our first store/mini-museum in Columbia La.(pop 371) and our first Newsweek link in 2000 about Main Street commerce

We will be following all the major events surrounding the Brooklyn Dodgers via ESPN special, Boys of Summer motion picture and the many activities revolving around Jackie Robinson's 50th anniversary of breaking into the major leagues. Our intentions are to deliver an informative, fun and educational website for the past, present and next generation of Brooklyn Dodger fans. The latest Internet technology applications and tools will be made available for on-location and pre-production developments to deliver through our website. Permission has been granted by the executive producers of the ESPN special and Boys of Summer movie project to keep our readers informed. We also sponsored the Brooklyn Dodgers Trivia Night on the #1 Talk/Sports radio network, Sports By-Line, with Emmy award winning host, Ron Barr. Upcoming events will also encompass the Tim McCarver Radio/Cable Show emanating in New York City and the Ferdio Pacheco Radio Show live on the Internet. We are in hopes that you will support our endeavors through our Cooperstown sites as we relive historical baseball though this new and exciting medium of communication by participating in our weblinks with feedback to our readers.. My first glimpse of excitement surrounding this commemoration of Jackie's contribution to baseball was attending the 50th anniversary honoree in his celebration in Brooklyn on March 15,1997.. Sat by the likes of Spike Lee, Buck O'Neil, Enos Slaughter and many other greats of the game and entertainment industry reliving in Jackie's contributions to society. A day I'll never forget when my dear high school friend attended with me. We took the domain name ( for several years as our registered trademark domain as it only seemed fitting. was not a physical domain at the time and each team was independent for their content and domain server registration>>> Then several years later MLB informed us that it was the property of MLB Properties. So we changed to ( or else..

We thank you again for visiting with our family and hope you will join us again in the near future.

Thankfully yours,
Glenn, Candy and August Gough

Fastword to 2013> I have re-entered into my career in the pharmacy practice but would like to reminisce through these last 20 years of many projects involving the Brooklyn Dodgers.. My son never did like the baseball scenario but loves to cook as seen from a photo opt with his Louisiana's own Chef John Besh August helped in a 'Southern Living' Superdome presentation for the spring season... My wife went back into the school system after retiring as well and fills in with different capacities and enjoys giving back to her school and community. The website is still active and the release of '42' this Spring of 2013 culminates in the Jackie Robinson and his fellow players coming to the movie screen in Brian Helgeland highly accepted production.

I will have to turn back the clock to 1993 in my first whispering tip of Roger Kahn's "Boys of Summer" classic to a motion picture... The script was written by Ring Lardner Jr. and John Flynn.> I do have a copy of one screenplay edition at my desk incidentally>. I was initially offered partnership in the initial stages for seed money which we offered after a meeting with the executive producer Mr.. M at that time with company A... I loved the story and it's potential. Hollywood though> I did not know. Needless to say, after many years of a small return recovery of interest I parlayed was made on the project and the rest was lost. If produced and brought to the screen, a small percentage of my part could have returned with rights to merchandising. The problem was acquiring the financing and at that time 7.5 million budget was not obtainable for a proposed major release with hopes of Denzel Washington penciled in as Jackie Robinson years go but with no success.. No major contributor or financier would come forward.. In 1998, the rights were sold to Ted Forstmann's production company, Pee Wee Productions for $500,000.... So in 1999, a new trial began to bring this 1972 best seller to the screen.. Another successsful screenplay writer, David S.Ward: ( Major League I and II) called me one winter night looking for addresses of current players to touch base with.. One such was Preacher Roe, who lived not too far north of the Louisiana border where I reside.. My offerings besides some addresses were to meet and go along for the ride in his Arkansas retirement community. Nothing ever came about.. The players now in their 80's were leaving only their legends behind and the question would come up " Would this generation ever care?"..... Then the baseball strike of 1994 hit and the memories of baseball and what it was to those that watched those days came alive. Now an era of youngsters did as well, The clothing industry of the mid 90's brought back uniforms with names and numbers from the by-gone era that were displayed proudly on their backs. Need not matter who the player was, but nostalgia was the game... The 'Boys of Summer' project floundered and died.....

The ESPN documentary : Brooklyn Dodgers: The America's Team 5 part mini-series was a success with true inspirational stories of the players during that time. Riding together in the same neighborhood and picking up their fellow players on the way to Ebbets Field... Children coming back home with their families playing together as next door neighbors... My lasting memory was a call from a friend of Pee Wee Reese who was requesting the VHS series to reminisce of those days. In his move back to Florida in his last days, his ESPN movie copies were misplaced.. I sent them that night to his wife via FED EX... He passed on 4 days after. That was my small but meaningful contribution to the saga.. The early years of 1998, we shared pages and pages of grandad's stories with their children at Ebbets reliving those fine moments with dad's as feedback on our site.. Then added some products since we were truly the first place to even buy a Brooklyn Dodgers cap online or even a store for that matter... True memories and True times... And we still feel like this is a place for us to stay and offer the past..... We are still here from the movie studios requests but more from the wardrobe department for props and costumes... My dreams of yesterday to capitalize in marketing turned into a love of a team in Brooklyn that I knew very little about other than from my father's stories. That's life.

2016> One of the most memorable accomplishments to date was in 2010, when a customer asked us if we could help with the T.L Thompson Children's Cancer Center in Chattanooga, TN. As you know, chemotherapy treatments often involve the loss of hair, which is extremely traumatic for these children. The hospitals try to set up rewards for these brave kids, (including a program called "Beads of Courage" for girls. We accepted the challenge to offer "Caps for Courage" for the boys.. What a joy to see these kids with their caps..A tear was shed as I viewed the photo opts.. That is really what it is all about in business sometimes as we take life for granted and the health we have.. To give back to the community and other charities is a business's philanthropic goal I think.

2016 brings us news that MLB has a new program whereby criteria must be met in order to sell MLB licensed merchandise through LICENSED online businesses ( this excludes all brick and mortar stores) . We were denied the opportunity to sell caps/apparel and we will appeal the chance to offer licensed products through MLB via licensed manufacturers (American Needle) as we are a small independent entity and deserve our place just as a JC Penney and other businesses can offer the same..

2018 update After 70 years of a MLB licensing agreement with American Needle, MLB did not renew their license with AN as of July 2018. That means no more of those wonderful 900 series caps with no logos on the sides or back. Just that wonderful historical logo on the front representing that wonderful era for teams like the Philadelpia A's 1920's etc. Just a shame. Read the Baseball Blog to add American Needle to the bottom of the list of the cap companies out of the mix. Next up , cereal baseball ads on bases. For more information, comments or just to share a word, Email > Glenn Gough and family at

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