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New York Yankees 1903-1953 caps and Cooperstown t-shirts
When the Orioles left Baltimore in 1902, they landed on Manhattan's highest point, Hilltop Park, and were renamed the New York Highlanders. But in 1912-13 they became known as the Yankees. They say the greatest baseball team of all time was "Murderer's Row" of 1927 with Ruth, Gehrig and others. The Yankees celebrated their Golden Anniversary in 1952 with another World Series. They appear in the World Series 10 times from 1952-1963. Click Here for more New York Yankees history

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American Needle caps.. 80% acrylic/ 20% wool fabric
1921 NY Yankees New York Yankees 1921
The Yankees clinch their first AL pennant in 1921.

1915 NY Yankees New York Yankees 1915
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Federal League divided many teams as pickings were slim.

Yankees 1912 T-207 card #40
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