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Brooklyn Dodgers-, NY Yankees Vintage AL Parks POSTERS

1955 World Series 1955 Dodgers poster
This poster will catch the attention of any baseball historian . Featured are the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers (18"x 12" color photo size) in this (poster 24" x 18") with the team members names as they stand and an accompanying poem by Marianne Moore entitled Hometown piece for Messrs. Alston and Reese
Yankees New York Yankees
A wonderful 10 pictorial poster presentation from the Bill Goff lithograph collection. Features are Babe Ruth from 1927 to the 1988 years at Yankee Stadium.
$25.00----24" x 18" Color

ebbets AL Vintage Ballparks
Vintage American League Ballparks by Bill Goff Inc.
Baltimore's Memorial Stadium
Chicago's Comiskey Park
Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Boston's Fenway Park
Washington's Griffith Stadium
Philadelphia's Shibe Park
Detroit's Tiger Stadium
New York's Yankee Stadium

18" x 24"-- Color
NL Vintage Parks
Vintage National League Ballparks Poster by Bill Goff Inc.
New York's Polo Grounds
St. Louis' Sportsman's Park
Pittsburgh's Forbes Field
Brooklyn's Ebbets Field
Cincinnati's Crosley Field
Milwaukee's County Stadium
Chicago's Wrigley Field
Philadelphia's Shibe Park

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