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Baseball Memories
babe ruth cap
One of only 3 game worn baseball caps ever worn by Babe Ruth that was salvaged for auction. This one went for $250,000. NY David Wells sold his 1932 cap for $432,000 at auction. See his story below > David Wells story. The bidding of a Babe Ruth worn baseball cap.

We have been an online business since 1995 selling baseball merchandise in a nostalgic atmosphere. We have NO licenses for ANY products but sell merchandise that have been licensed by other companies. We are just like any other type of storefront in the NEW age of business with different ideas to present our products with education. Our origins started with a dream to being back baseball history after the 1994 walkout. We were in hopes nostalgia would reignite that passion with our presentation.
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for purchases over $200>
Cooperstown Caps

Cooperstown Caps
250 team style selections to choose from American Needle. For visual effects, we have included a baseball card snapshot of players wearing replica's in their time periods.

Ballcap Blog
In the days before exclusive licensing, many different companies competed to make various parts of a ball players' uniform. Many different Companies like Spalding made ballcaps before New Era was granted exclusive license for ballcaps in 1994. Click here for the Ballcap Blog.by Paul Carr
Will Arlt Tribute
Joe Jarvis having lunch and talking baseball caps with Will Arlt, owner of Ideal Cap Company (formerly known as Cooperstown Cap Company Wonderfiul tribute link : MLB took his license to produce caps in 2010 but it did not stop him from his love to make people happy with baseball's history..
8 panelclassics
8 panel cap
Available Now- Replica 8-panel Cooperstown cap classics with leather sweatband -1944 Browns- 1934 Cards- 1919 White Sox The classic short bill from "Field of Dreams" Shoeless Joe Jackson of the White Sox with 2" bill.
1950-60's Yearbooks
Vintage Baseball yearbooks are great collectibles as they provide a snapshot of a particular team, along with stories, pictures, and statistics 28 baseball yearbooks selections from 1950-1960's
Statesman CAPS
pacific coast caps
Click Pacific Coast League caps for these vintage caps with leather headband/adjustable sizes. Oakland Oaks, Seattle Rainers, Hollywood Stars, SF Seals and many others.
Uniform Reflections
25 Most Influential Baseball Uniforms Of All-Time Written by Rick Santora in 2012 .The first baseball game played under modern rules took place on June 18, 1846 in Hoboken, NJ. From the sportís inception through today, there have been thousands of uniforms worn throughout all levels of the professional game. .
Negro League Caps
View our Negro League Caps from yesterday with historical links ( 30 teams). Fitted and adjustable caps from American Needle. Some of the greatest players ( i.e Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby, Josh Gibson and many others wore these favorites. American Needle will offer an extended Negro League and defunked teams collection in Fall 2018.
Main Street: USA

Atlanta Journal 1997 Our first brick and mortar store in a small town (pop 350) celebrating Jackie Robinson 50th anniversary.
Vintage Posters
55 poster
View the Baseball Vintage Posters section for great wall presentations.( Red Sox, Indians, Brooklyn, Yankees, Ebbets)
Miniature replicas of historic scoreboards. Clocks featured are Ebbets Field, Polo Grounds, Sportsmans Park, Crosley Field, Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium.
Baseball Reprint cards
View the Baseball card reprint sets The first major set of baseball cards was issued beginning in 1886 by Goodwin. Featuring the Topps Brooklyn Dodgers archive set of 165 cards.

Vintage Tshirts
Classic Vintage stadium historical logo T-shirts. NY Yankees, NY Giants, Colt 45's and St. Louis etc. Also letterhead t-shirts
Ebbets Lithograph
Outside Ebbets Field
Lithograph of Outside Ebbets Field by William Feldman Beloved Ebbets Field and named after Dodger owner Charlie Ebbets. It opened on April 9, 1913, and served the burgeoning borough of Brooklyn, NY. and torn down in 1960
Wool Flannel Classics
1937 jerseys
Mitchell & Ness Wool flannel jerseys and jackets . New wool flannels:
1939 Yankees-#4 Gehrig
1962 Colt 45's Mitchell & Ness is slowly reducing their allocation of wool flannels.
Jackie Robinson School Project Helpers
jackie Robinson
The day the color line was crossed. Jackie Robinson scores after homering in his debut with the Montreal Royals at Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, on April 18, 1946.. You can view other school project material and links from this wonderful and informative site for Brooklyn Dodgers history since 1899 through 1955 era - Jackie Robinson research page/photos at Brooklyn Dodgers - Jackie Robinson school project and resource helpers page..

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