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Red Barber at the microphone Walter Lanier "Red" Barber didn't just broadcast baseball games. He took his listeners to the ballpark. He brought them in with a voice and a style that drew pictures so clear in his listeners' minds that they could beno place else.
By the 1940's-the radio would be everywhere, at the beach, in homes, in stores, in cars and in baby carriages.
You could walk through the streets of Brooklyn and follow the play-by-play of the Dodger game going from your house down into the subway or wherever it was it was you were going. Listen to the great announcers of the game covering years from 1934 to 1961 with Red Barber, Mel Allen, Vin Scully, Connie Desmond, Jerry Doggett and others. A wonderful listening experience as we take you back in time to the sounds of baseball radio with the great teams of yesteryear..

Each game comprised of 2 audiocassetes or 1 CD (120-180min in length) for complete radio broadcast coverage. Closeouts with no new stock to arrive on these titles
Home Team In Capital Letters
SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE for each game -$19.95 CD each game
10-2-1936CHICAGO-11 vs Cubs-3Gm2 Post season series.Totten audio-$13.95
5-30-1957Brooklyn-4 vs PITTSBURGH-3Brooklyn visites the Pirates.Helfer/Scully audio-$13.95
4-8-1974ATLANTA-7 vs Dodgers-4Aaron's 715 HomerJohnson-Hamilton audio-$13.95
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