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1974 Atlanta Braves
1966 Baltimore Orioles
1941 Boston Red Sox
1940 Boston Braves
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers
1959 Chicago WhiteSox
1969 Chicago Cubs
1961 Cincinnati Reds
1948 Cleveland Indians
1968 Detroit Tigers
1962 Houston Colt 45's
1959 Kansas City Athletics
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Arlington Stadium-Texas
Braves Field-Boston
Busch Stadium-St. Louis
Baltimore Memorial- Balt.
Camden Yards-Baltimore
Cleveland Municipal-Clev.
Jacobs Field-Cleveland
Comiskey Park-Chicago
Coors Field-Denver
County Stadium-Milwaukee
Ebbets Field-Brooklyn
Fenway Park-Boston
Forbes Field-Pittsburgh
Fulton County-Atlanta
Griffith Stadium-Wash.
Hill Top Park-New York
Dodgers Stadium-LA
Oakland Coliseum-Oakland
Polo Grounds-New York
Shea Stadium-New York
Shibe Park-Philadelphia
Sportsmans Park-St. Louis
Tiger Stadium-Detroit
Wrigley Field-Chicago
Yankee Stadium-NY
Yankee Stadium #2-NY

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" The series will be an extended invitation into the "Dodger family," presenting a warm and personal "scrapbook" perspective that promises to be unlike any documentary series of this type....."ESPN
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American Treasure
Live the history of the legendary "Bums" from Brooklyn from their beginnings in the 1880's through the sad day they left Brooklyn forever in 1957.
DVD Dodgers Dem Bums
Taking an informative look at the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers, DEM BUMS presents all the highs and lows supporters of the team have been subjected to over the years. With two huge teams as their biggest rivals--namely the New York Giants and the New York Yankees--the Dodgers have never had things easy.
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  • "Cheers! A winning documentary.. A terrific visual souvenir..extraordinary."

  • "An elegent, intelligent, evocative film. Thankfully, this is not sappy nostalgia." NY TIMES
This five-part series is an intimate biographical look at four men who were the heart and soul of a sports dynasty that helped define an era in American history. The Original America's Team profiles these American icons, whose values and virtues were formed by the Great Depression, a world war, and a disappearing part of American culture called "family." As athletes and public figures, they helped to shape the social conscience of the times. The series traces the changing nature of race relations in America from the end of World War II until the Montgomery bus boycott. The division between black and white players is shown, as well as the division between two of the greatest black players, Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella.

The role of the Communist Party in the integration of baseball is examined, as well as the role played by racism and the red scare in the Dodgers' eventual move to Los Angeles. The Dodger team helped to change America, and were ultimately changed by America. The Dodger mystique is explored through interviews with these men and their families as well as their contemporaries. The series will incorporate the last interview with Roy Campanella, as well as the last interviews with Mickey Mantle and Don Drysdale.

Rare photographs and exclusive historical footage, as well as home movies, are used extensively throughout the series to present a living history of true American heroes who faced moral and professional dilemmas during a volatile American epoch. Mark Reese, Pee Wee's son and program producer, director, and writer, has been granted unlimited intimate access into the lives of these great Americans and their families. With this blessing, Mark has searched tirelessly through the closets, scrapbooks, and libraries of the families involved. The men and women and stories featured in the series have figured so prominently in Mark's life that it can be said these documentaries have been 39 years in the making. For the viewer the series will be an extended invitation into the "Dodger family," presenting a warm and personal "scrapbook" perspective that promises to be unlike any documentary series of this type. Host Roger Kahn -- author of the quintessential baseball book, The Boys of Summer -- leads the viewer through five and a half hours of Dodger and American history, from the 1940s through the early 1960s.

The series opens with Lou Gossett, Bobby Bragan, Larry King and Carl Erskine talking about Ebbets Field: what made it unique, what made it special. Roger Kahn stands in front of the tall, nondescript Ebbets Field Apartments.

KAHN: As the story goes, a father and son were standing here, with Ebbets Field Apartments behind them. The father said, "You know, son, a great baseball team once played here."

"Oh, yeah," the boy said, " on what floor?"

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, we thought Ebbets Field would stand forever. A new generation of fans may find it hard to imagine the passions that once boiled in this tiny corner of the world.

One day we woke up and they were gone. In the next five episodes, with the help of some cherished friends, we'll celebrate that late, great team, THE BROOKLYN DODGERS. A team that played a long time on the ground floor of that building over there.

Dugout Memories Inc.
2005 Mark Reese Productions/ESPN/Original America's Team

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