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Brooklyn Dodgers 1903-1955 caps and Brooklyn-Ebbets Field t-shirts
Brooklyn's debut into the National League in 1890 began on a positive note as the team nicknamed the "Bridegrooms" won the championship with an 86-43 record. It was the first of 21 National League pennants that the Dodgers would win during the next 100 years. Their storied history featured Superbas ( 1899-1910), Robins (1914-1931) -Brooklyn/LA Dodgers History Pages for trivia. Price= $29.95 American Needle or noted otherwise
Each 6 panel cap is made of wool blend fabric with a cloth headband
1955 cap Brooklyn Dodgers 1939-57
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In 1955, the Dodgers win their 1st World Series.

1903 Home cap Brooklyn Superbas 1903
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Aug. 27, 1903: The Superbas are issued a record 17 walks by Phila.

Dodgers 1909 T-206 card #6
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1912 Home cap Brooklyn Dodgers 1912 Home
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Casey Stengel wore this cap in 1912 while with Brooklyn.

1912 Road cap Brooklyn Dodgers 1912 Road
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Nap Rucker and the Dodgers play at Washington Park.

Dodgers 1909 T-206 card #221
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1913 cap Brooklyn Dodgers 1913
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Name shortened to Dodgers from Trolley Dodgers at new Ebbets Field.

1917 cap Brooklyn Robins 1917
Wilbert Robinson wore this in 1917 and the team (Robins) was named after him.

Dodgers 1912 T-207 card #56
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1923 cap Brooklyn Robins 1923
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Dazzy Vance wore this cap in 1922-23 as a 31 year old rookie.

1930 cap Brooklyn Robins 1930
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The great Babe Herman wore this 1930 cap with red letter B.

Dodgers 1911 Brunners Bread #2
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1932 cap Brooklyn Dodgers 1932
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Lefty O'Doul ends the season with a .368 BA .

1933 cap Brooklyn Dodgers 1933
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Van Mungo and Hall of Famer Al Lopez were listed on the 1933 roster.

Dodgers Casey Stengel 1913
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1937 cap Brooklyn Dodgers 1937
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The only year to ever wear green caps and jerseys. Hall of Famer Heinie Manush is on the squad.

1938 cap Brooklyn Dodgers 1938
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Leo Durocher wears his 1938 proudly as a NL All-star shortstop.

Dodgers Fred Merkle 1916-17
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1938 cap Montreal Royals 1946
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Jackie Robinson starts career on 4-18-1946 with Montreal. Made by Ebbets Flannels. $49.95
Ebbets Field
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Relive the good ol'days in your very own Brooklyn, New York's EBBETS FIELD 100% Pre-shrunk Hanes "Beefy-T 's white t-shirt depicting the front of Ebbets.. Brooklyn's EBBETS FIELD was alive with the beloved Brooklyn Bums playing in Flatbush from the years 1913 through 1957..

Ebbets Field t-shirt size----2XL
Price= $24.95

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