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Minnesota Twins 1961- 1973 caps and Cooperstown t-shirts
The Senators from Washington moved to Minnesota in 1961. The name changed to the Twins after the move. Once trusted with pitching, Harmon Killebrew provided the home run cause. In 8147 at bats, he never made a successful bunt. Tony Oliva led the American League in batting and in hits his first two big league seasons. The Twins make it to the World Series In 1965. Click Here for more Minnesota Twins history

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American Needle caps- 80% acrylic/20% wool fabric
1961 Twins Minnesota Twins 1961
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The Senators arrive from Washington to become Twins. SOLD OUT
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1973 Twins Minnesota Twins 1973-86
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Harmon Killebrew offers needed strength for the Twins. $29.95
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