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San Diego Padres 1969-1984 caps and Cooperstown t-shirts

100 year baseball celebration of 1969 proved to be a year with more dubious changes than any other single year in professional baseball history with 4 new additions to the circuit. The 1974 San Diego Padres had owner Ray Kroc-McDonald's king, often apologizing to the fans over the loudspeaker system after a sloppily played game. The Mets and Padres play a June game in Monterey, Mexico,-the first regular season game played outside the US or Canada. In 1996, Tony Gwynn hits .353 to win his 7th NL batting title. Click Here for more San Diego Padres history

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1969 Padres San Diego 1969-86R
The San Diego Padres make their 1969 debut at San Diego Stadium $29.95

SD Padres 1969 size 6-7/8

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1970 Padres San Diego 1969 Home
Tony Gwynn is a 1986 Golden Glove winner.

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