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--7-5-00...Who was the first team to wear plastic batting helmets..The Dodgers or Pirates?...In 1941 -the Dodgers began using plastic helmets in 1941 after Pee Wee Reese and Pete Reiser are beaned and it was Pete Reiser who stole home a ML record 7 times -not Jackie Robinson....Jack Koch:Easton, PA

..6-2-00...Jackie Robinson replaced Billy Cox in the 1953 season at 3rd base. Who replaced Robinson at second base?... Jim Gilliam...Eric Rhinesmith-Hillsborough, NJ

..5-3-00...In his waning years as a former Brooklyn Dodger player, he banged out his 3000th professional hit in 1940 but the event went unnoticed as a member of the Hollywood Stars of the Pacific Coast League. He was sparingly used in 1941 and after the season, this player was the technical consultant in "Pride of the Yankees", a movie on Lou Gehrig's life. Gary Cooper played the part of Gehrig, but was unfamiliar with baseball only to learn the game of cricket while in England. Cooper was also right-handed, so the movie was shot with jersey numbers sewn on backward and the film was then reversed so that the number would read correctly and Cooper would look left-handed. This former Dodger did the hitting for Cooper ( as Gehrig ) and Babe Ruth in the long shots, making him, in a manner of speaking and including his movie roles, the only player in the history of baseball to " 'pinch-hit' for Cobb, Speaker, Ruth and Gehrig. He also doubled in center field for 'Tris Speaker' in 1926 in "Slide Kelly, Slide". Name this player.....Babe Herman...Mark T. Rosen

4-1-00...Which Brooklyn teama and stadium were not a "home" match (red)...
  • AA.Brooklyn Atlantics 1870-- Capitoline Grounds
  • A..Brooklyn Wonders 1891--Eastern Park
  • B..Brooklyn Tip Tops 1914--Washington Park
  • C..Brooklyn Superbas 1905--Washington Park
  • D..Brooklyn Dodgers 1886--Ridgewood Park
  • E..Brooklyn Resolutes-1865--Eastern Park
  • F..Brooklyn Putnams 1862--Union Grounds
  • G..Brooklyn Dodgers 1955--Ebbets Field
  • H..Brooklyn Eckfords 1868--Union Grounds
....Sam Betylet: Boston, MA

3-6-00... What Hall of Famer did not play for the Dodgers in their career? (Marachal, Cochrane,Maranville, Manush, Hoyt, Medwick, Lopez, F. Robinson).....Mickey Cochrane....Gary Chomiak: Lakewood , CA

2-3-00... What did these Dodgers do after they retired from baseball?>...SNIDER-avocoda farmer__ERSKINE--banker__LABINE-jacket designer__ROE--grocery store owner__COX--bartender__FURILLO--elevator laborerer-security

1-5-00... Which Dodgers player did not play for the Baltimore Elite Giants in the Negro League system : Junior Gilliam, Joe Black, Don Newcombe or Roy Campanella?...Don Newcombe played for the Newark Eagles...Roberta Conway: Bellevue, PA

12-3-99... Match the player with their Negro League Teams....Mays:Birmingham Barons...Aaron:Indianapolis Clowns...Banks + Robinson:KC Monarchs...John Jurgensen:Bohemia,NY

11-1-99... In 1943-45--because of wartime travel restrictions, the Dodgers held Spring Training in what location in New York?...Bear Mountain....Sam Jonathan: Dallas:TX

10-1-99...Walter O'Malley lobbied and threatened for a new city financed stadium. In putting teeth into his challenge, he played 7 homes games in what stadium in 1956-57?...Roosevelt Stadium-Jersey City.....Dominick Yodice:Middletown,DE

9-1-99.. What player is that joined the Dodgers in 1947 was the first African-American to pitch in the major leagues?...Dan Bankhead.....Leena Hautaniemi: Placervile, CA

8-2-99...What Brooklyn Dodger became the youngest batting champion in MLB history after winning crown in 1941 at .343?...Pete Reiser.......George Stevenson: Staten Island, NY

7-2-99...What player hit 23 or more home runs in 8 straight years, NL MVP in 1941, traded to Giants in 1943 and decided to end career instead og going to rival?.... Dolph Camilli...Ted Simon: Buffalo, NY

6-2-99... Several players performed in LEFT field during the 50's, Name the player which does not fit in this category?....Carl Furillo....Charles Sapp: Clearwater, Fl

5-2-99..... Who was the first Dodger selected to a National League All-Star team?....Tony Cuccinello...Tom Drubeck: Cincinnati,OH

3-28-99...During the 20's-30's, a fellow would get traded to Brooklyn, and the fans would soon attach a nickname for boffoonery or an ecclesiastical blessing. And then it continued for many years to come. Match the player and nickname..... 1. Clyde "Pea Ridge" Day.. 2. Cletus "Boots" Poffenberger.. 3. Walter "Boom-Boom" Beck.. 4. Luke "Hot Potato" Hamlin.. ...Chuck Simmons: Detroit, MI

2-1-99...Another Brooklyn player opposing Jackie Robinson's inclusion on the 1947 team was pitcher, Kirby Higbe. Branch Rickey traded him to the Pirates for Arky Vaughan +$75,000 or Al Gionfriddo + $100,000 or Billy Loes + $75,000 or Whitlow Wyatt + $100,000?....Al Gionfriddo and $100,000.....Pat Simmons: Detroit, MI

1-2-99.... In 1889, the Brooklyns took the American Association pennant. That gave them the right to play their National foe, the New York Giants. "Dodgers" was a second choice as a nickname for the Brooklyns at that time. What were they generally referred to as?...Bridegrooms-because many players from 1888 had married that year.....John Youngstown: Salem, Oregon

11-28-98....Imagine batting .393 in 1930 and finishing 2nd in the overall batting title behind Bill Terry of the New York Giants. What Brooklyn Dodger(Robins)great finished the season in 2nd place?....Floyd Caves "Babe" Herman....Dennis Pots:Murfreesboro,TN

9-26-98....The longest major league game ever played occurred on May 1, 1920 between the Brooklyn Robins and Boston Braves. Each starting pitcher threw for 26 consecutive innings. Joe Oeschger was the Braves pitcher. Who was the Brooklyn starter?... Leon Cadore....Ray McPadden:Monroe, CT

8-28-98....The opposition to Jackie Robinson's entrance was not confined to the Dodgers' opponents. Pitching star Kirby Higbe and Brooklyn favorite, Dixie Walker, were traded to what TEAM after telling Branch Rickey that they preferred not to have a black man as a teammate? Rickey received two of the Dodgers' key players for the next few seasons, third baseman Billy Cox and left-hander Preacher Roe for the 38 year-old Walker trade itself..... Pittsburgh Pirates.....Jim Dowsey:Angola, NY

7-25-98....The Dodgers nickname was preceeded by the Robins in the 20-30's. The term Superbas was used in the early 1900's. What does the term "Superbas" refer to? .....A popular turn-of-the-century vaudeville troupe known as "Hanlon's Superbas"......Michael Dobry: Marietta,GA

6-26-98....What Brooklyn Dodger on the 1944-47 roster was nicknamed "The Brat"?.... Eddie Stanky.....Scott Sergent: Atlanta, Ga

5-26-98....Who is the oldest Brooklyn Dodger alive at the age of 96 and Jackie Robinson's 1st manager?.....Clyde Sukeforth managed Games 1+2 of Robinson's debut in 1947 after Leo Durocher was suspended 6 days earlier. Burt Shooton managed the rest of the season after Sukeforth's interim stint......Ken Vogel:Winthrop, Maine

4-25-98.... The Dodgers success with "NL Rookie of the Year" honors began in 1947 with Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe in 1949, Joe Black in 1952. Who won in 1953?.....Jim Gilliam.....Paul Gerowitz: Davis, CA

3-27-98.... Who was Duke Snider's roommate for 10 years while playing in Brooklyn?..... Carl Erskine.....Larry Tucker,Smithville, GA

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2-27-98..... What was the Dodgers original ballpark called before Ebbets Field was erected"?..... Washington Park....Mark Anderson:Sealy,Tx

1-27-98....What Brooklyn teammate gave Don Zimmer the nickname of "Popeye"?.....Roy Campanella..... Adam Moore: Rutherford, NJ

1-3-98..... What streets surround Ebbets Field?.....Sullivan St: First Base...Bedford Ave: Right Field....Montgomery St.:Left Fiield...McKeever Pl.:Third Base...... Archie Redden:West Monroe, La

12-13-97....Who were the Robins named after?....manager Wilbert Robinson....Mike Mulvey:Amston, CT

11-21-97... When was the last year Brooklyn used Robins as their nickname?..... For seven years ending in 1931....Damian Housman

11-1-97.... What TV actor from the Dynasty series preceded John "Tex" Rickard as the "Voice of Ebbets Field, the public address announcer for home games?..... John Forsythe....Neil Fidler: Coventry,RI

10-11-97.... Leo Durocher managed the Giants and Dodgers. He managed one team 8-1/2 years and the other 7-1/2 years. Who did he manage longer? The Dodgers or Giants?...... Leo managed the Dodgers

9-19-97....Who were the "Gold Dust Twins"?.....Pee Wee Reese and Pete Reiser...Tom Clemence-Tacoma, Wash

9-5-97.....What was Pete Reiser's nickname?.....Pistol Pete.....Rick Hantman

8-23-97..... Baseball pioneer Larry MacPhail brought night baseball to Cincinnati's Crosley Field in 1935. After arriving in Brooklyn in 1938, he introduced Ebbets Field to Red Barber and night baseball. He also experimented with a different color of baseball for 3 games against St. Louis in 1938. What color was the baseball?........Yellow...Scott Dauner

8-9-97......Who was the 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers player nicknamed "Happy Rabbit"?......Stan Rojek....Jim Salaraz: Birmingham, AL

7-26-97.....Red Barber, announcer for the Brooklyn Dodgers, brought poetry to a dramatic situation. Brooklynites and fans listening to the game on radio soon learned these expressions:
  • The boys are tearing up a pea patch:rally was in progress.
  • Tied up in a crocus sack: They had the game for sure. A cinch to win.
  • We have quite a rhubarb going, friends: fight or argument ongoing.
  • Suckegg mules and catbird seat.
What did Red Barber mean when he said "FOB"?....
FOB meaning: Bases were Full of Brooklyns) ....David Chandler: Lincoln, Nebraska

7-12-97... To help with this question. They were known as the "Daffiness Boys" in the 1920's for their humorous style of play finishing no better than 5th place from 1921-1929. They did however go to the 1920 World Series. Who did they play and what was pitcher Burleigh Grimes' nickname
?....Cleveland Indians in 1920 and Ol' Stubblebeard"....Thomas DiGianvittorio: Norwood,MA

6-27-97....In Jackie Robinson's opening game of 1947, Spider Jorgenson played third, Pee Wee Reese started at shortstop, Eddie Stanky played second and Jackie Robinson covered first. WHO started at the catcher's position?.... Bruce Edwards....Edward Rodriquez:Odessa,Fl

6-14-97.... Name the 8 Hall of Famers who played for the 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers. For Assistance: Player roster is on the '55 Championship plaque (7 of 8 are in the photo) .....Snider, Robinson, Koufax, Drysdale, Reese, Campanella, Alston(mgr) Billy Herman....Jim O'Hara

11-9-96..Click on Jackie Robinson's career statistics Here!... The first game on television for major league baseball occurred at Ebbets Field on August 26, 1939. Who was the opponent for the Brooklyn Dodgers ?....Cincinatti Reds...Andy Blau: Portsmouth, RI

10-26-96 >>>Who succeeded Roy Campanella as the catcher of the Dodgers?....Johnny Roseboro....Tom DiGianvittorio: Norwood, MA

10-19-96.....2 questions this week >>> 1) Pick the pitcher that Jackie Robinson had the most AB (at bats) of the 288 pitchers he faced in his career?..Robin Roberts...2) Who was the Dodger slugger who drove home both runs in Johnny Podres' 2-0 win over Tommy Byrnes in Game 7 of the 1955 World Series?...Gil Hodges..James V. Kahn: Chicago, IL

10-12-96....2 questions this week>>>1) In 1949, 3 of the the first four blacks to play in the All-Star game were from the Brooklyn Dodgers (Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella and Don Newcombe). Larry Doby: Cleveland Indians....2) This bull-pen coach made the decision to send in Ralph Branca rather than Carl Erskine in the 1951 sudden-death playoff game between the winning New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Who was he?.....Clyde Sukeforth....Bev Franklin: Brattleboro, VT

10-5-96....In 1952 , Two Brooklyn Dodgers shared the same nickname of "ROCKY". Who were they?....Everett"Rocky" Lamar Bridges and Glenn "Rocky" Richard Nelson...Bob Czartoryski: Middle Village, NY

9-28-96..In the 1947 World Series against the New York Yankees, who was the Dodger pitcher who finished a record six games?....Hugh Casey....Christina Wilkinson: Maspeth, NY

9-21-96...What Brooklyn Dodger pitcher set a National League record when he won seven consecutive strikeout titles from 1922-1928?.... Dazzy Vance.... Lou Riozzi

9-14-96...What other black player besides Jackie Robinson appeared in the 1947 World Series?...Dan Bankhead -As Al Gionfriddo states in BUMS, "Dan roomed with Jackie, kept Jackie company, because when we went into certain towns, like St. Louis, they couldn't stay with us at the hotel. They had to go stay in the colored section of town. But there was nothing the ballplayers could do about it. It was the law of the city. We couldn't fight the city. What the hell are you gonna do?".... Ron Barnaff: Portland , OR.

9-7-96....ESPN's "Original America's Team" video series is now available at the Mall for early Christmas shopping...What Brooklyn Dodger pitcher hit more home runs (7) in one season than any other pitcher in the history of the National League?... Don Newcombe...Gene Steen: Baton Rouge, LA

8-31-96...2 questions>>> Jackie Robinson was the first black player to win the National League's MVP player award. In what YEAR?....What rookie stepped off third base to retrieve a thrown bat by Dixie Walker after a swinging strike and found himself called out when he was tagged by the third baseman for his Samaritan gesture?...Jackie Robinson won the NL"s Rookie of the Year in 1947 and the MVP award in 1949...Pee Wee Reese was the rookie in 1941 that offered his samaritan services.... Jim Alexander: Riverside, CA

8-24-96...Catch all 5 previews starting August 27 on ESPN at The Original America's Team>>>>There have been many outstanding double-play combinations in the Brooklyn Dodgers organization. Name the THIRD BASE player in the infield?...1941: (COOKIE LAVAGETTO)-Pee Wee Reese to Billy Herman to Dolph Camilli...1952: (BILLY COX)-Pee Wee Reese to Jackie Robinson to Gil Hodges....Dave Johnson: St. Paul, MN

8-17-96..2 questions this week>>>Sandy Koufax was the youngest player ever elected to the Hall of Fame. At what age:(34,35,36,37,38)?...Who was the losing pitcher for the Dodgers on the day that Don Larsen threw his perfect game in the 1956 World Series?....Sandy Koufax was 36 and Sal "The Barber" Maglie was the losing pitcher .....Joel Lavinsky: Yardley, PA

8-10-96...Brooklyn Dodger "Hall of Shame"..Two part question this week>>>Who was the last Brooklyn Dodger to remain active in the major leagues? He faded from the scene with the Mets in 1971 ....Who holds the National League record for stealing home the most times (7) in one season?...Bob Aspromonte was the last active Brooklyn Dodger. Pete Reiser holds the National League record while Rod Carew has the American League mark....Alejandro Raskosky: Managua, Nicaragua

8-3-96---1910-1932 Address list is on board>>>Who were the Dodger runners when Cookie Lavagetto's game winning double with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning broke up Bill Bevens' no hitter in the 1947 World Series?....Al Gionfriddo and Ed Miksis....William Geoghan: Franklin Park, NJ

7-27-96---Sandy Amoros, a Cuban native and speaking only Spanish, made the much talked about catch that saved the 7th game of the 1955 World Series. Of all the possible Dodger heroes, Amoros was among the most unlikely. He was virtually invisible to the public, for he spoke no English. Reporters did not ask him questions, because they knew he couldn't answer. He would just smile and wave. Sandy lived in a gypsy world while on the Dodgers. He never rented an apartment, but most of the time lived on Roy Campanella's yacht. 30 years later with broken English in an interview with Peter Golenbock, BUMS, he tells of his experience with the Dodgers. "We were brothers. We got along together. We always had this to help us win, playing together, friendship, united. There have been teams better than we, but we play together, and when you saw how they played, they played seperate. they played for themselves. So I say, the Brooklyn Dodgers had something. They played together." Sandy Amoros did not start that 7th game but was inserted by manager Walter Alston in the sixth inning with 2 men on and Yogi Berra at bat and the Dodgers holding on to the 2-0 lead. What player did Sandy Amoros replace in left field?....Sandy Amoros replaced Junior Gilliam in left field and Gilliam replaced Don Zimmer at second....Andrew Phang: Milpitas, CA.

7-20-96--- Jackie Robinson won the NL "Rookie of the Year" award in 1947. What 2 Brooklyn Dodger players won the coveted award in 1952 and 1953?....Joe Black-1952 and Junior Gilliam in 1953....Ross Kaufman:Harrison, NY

7-13-96---2-part question)>>> Opening Day for Ebbets Field was April 12, 1913. The Brooklyn Superbas, as they were known then, lost a 3-2 exhibition to the Yankees--a haunting harbinger(Daily News). Charlie Ebbets would die 12 years and one week later. He would be remembered as a man who changed baseball---and Brooklyn. The last game at Ebbets Field was played on Sept.24, 1957. Who was the final opponent? What Brooklyn Dodger pitcher threw a five-hitter to win that final game (2-0) at Ebbets Field?....The Pittsburgh Pirates were the final opponents with Danny McDivitt tossing a five hitter (all singles before little over 6,000 fans) for the Brooklyn Dodgers.....Phyllis Zlotnick: West Hartford, CT

7-6-96---( A complete address list from 1932-1957 awaits you: plus all the ESPN series memorabilia will be available soon on Dugout Memories)... 2-part question>>> Al Gionfriddo, a Dodger outfielder in the 1947 World Series who stood 5'5" tall but could run the 100-yard dash in 10.0 in high school, made what sportswriter Arthur Daley called " The World Series' greatest catch:one of the most unbelievable catches ever seen anywhere". What player's hit was nullified by Al's Gionfriddo's catch? Who was named "The People's Cherce"?....Al Gionfriddo took a homerun away from Joltin' Joe DiMaggio. 'The People's Cherce' was Dixie Walker....Jerry Kurtz: Duluth, GA

6-29-96---(Preview the ESPN special beginning August 27)( Baseball's statistical search engine has arrived )...2 part question this week>>>In the 1955 World Series, Jackie Robinson played in the first 6 games but not the deciding 7th game because of a sore achilles tendon injury in his right root. Who played 3rd base in his slot? He was nicknamed 'King Karl' and the '2-game phenom' in 1954. The 23 year old was brought up from the minors after striking out 844 batters in 749 innings.With the Dodger pennant lost in 1954, it was time for major league experience. In his first 2 starts, he pitched a 3-0 shutout against the Giants while striking out 15 and the next few days pitched another shutout, 1-0, against the Pirates with 12 strikeouts. Dodger fans could not wait to see him in 1955. Plaqued by arm trouble in 1955, he finished with an 8-6 record and was through. His next job in public life was refinishing floors. It was a quick fall from the pedestal of the Dodger organiziation. Who was he?...Don Hoak played for the injured Jackie Robinson at 3rd base and Karl Spooner was the 2-game phenom in 1954....Peter Geller: Laurel, MD

6-22-96---(Stay tuned to a lengthy update on all five parts of the ESPN mini-series beginning August 27.)2 questions this week >>> Duke Snider's #4 jersey was the number of his favorite player of all time and still is. Who was he?....What Brooklyn player was nicknamed 'SHOTGUN"? ...#4 Lou Gehrig and George ' Shotgun' Shuba....Peter Biglin: Denver, CO

6-15-96---Pee Wee Reese is recognized as one of the best shortstops to ever play the game. But more than that he proved to be one of the closest friends of Jackie Robinson. According to Jackie, the turning point of realizing he was accepted by his own teammates came in one particular game in 1947 when Pee Wee Reese saw Jackie's eyes swell with emotion and his head bowed as he stood at 1st base during a rough road series in which racial slurs and booing had come to a peak early in his career. Not only were they directed at Jackie but at the Brooklyn Dodgers now for playing with "the colored boy". Pee Wee Reese went over to Jackie and put his arm around him as if to say, "This is my boy. This is the guy. We're gonna win with him." The crowd gasped in disbelief and a smile emerged from Jackie. History tells the rest of the story. What National League town did this event happen in?....Cincinnatti, which was just across the river from Kentucky, a southern state and home to Pee Wee Reese... Larry Beckley: Riverview, FL

6-8-96--Brooklyn Spinneybeck baseballs and '55 Brooklyn team picture plaque have been added to the Mall- Prior to the 1957 season and his retirement, Buzzy Bavasi traded Jackie Robinson to what team for Dick Littlefield and $30,000?...The Giants offered up to $100,000 for Jackie Robinson to change his mind of retiring, but Mr. Bavasi coupled a tirade of racial slurs in his offering of Jackie to the trading table. To Jackie, it was the principle of the matter. Enough was enough after 10 years. Especially to the arch-rival, New York Giants. Money was a secondary issue....Doug Johnson: Flower Mound,TX

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